We have created a unique way to extend the reach of your brand through the social network of your workforce. Qisple engages your employees and make them feel truly connected with the brand they work for.

What does Qisple do for your brand?

Expands social reach
Multiply the social reach of your brand through the social network of your employees and gain thousands of new and valuable views.
Delivers the message
Deliver your companies vacancies or marketing messages to a huge new audience. Qisple activates your employees to do this for you.
Creates ambassadors
Turn your staff into real brand ambassadors. Let them share to the world which great company they are working for.

What does Qisple add to your company's culture?

Personal development
Make your employees share what they’re working on and let them talk about the company in a creative way.
Help your employees get more connected to each other in an exciting game, hosted by you in a matter of seconds.
By completing Qisple challenges your staff gains Qisple points and more love for the company.
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